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Announcing our Latest Kettle Brau™ Appetizers

Announcing our Latest Kettle Brau™ Appetizers

Two Rivers, WI (August 8, 2008) — Kettle Brau™ appetizers have done it again with the launch of
their newest beer battered appetizers and seafood.

Joining the fun are the unique flavors of “Made in Wisconsin” bratwurst, tender and juicy chicken breast
meat, Canadian walleye fingers, tasty bluegill fillets and real mozzarella cheese—all drenched in
legendary Leinenkugel’s® beer brewed from the cold sparkling waters of Chippewa Falls, WI.

The latest products include Beer Battered Brats, great for getting any party started. Or try creamy Beer
Battered Mozzarella GangPlanks™, a lightly battered mozzarella plank. Rounding out the line-up are
Barley Pop Chicken, tender whole breast meat coated with premium beer batter, Beer Battered Bluegill,
and Beer Battered Walleye Fingers, skinless fillet slices dipped in handcrafted Leinenkugel’s® beer.

Kettle Brau appetizers can either be fried golden brown or baked in the pizza oven. Served in a Kettle
Brau™ canoe—FREE* with purchases of Kettle Brau appetizers—they’re perfect for any occasion. Order
your new Kettle Brau appetizers today!