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Creative Ideas

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Dip It!

Horseradish Mustard Sauce

1 Cup sour cream
1/4 Cup grated fresh horseradish
1 Teaspoon brown mustard
Pinch of salt and pepper
Combine all ingredients, chill and serve

Chipotle Tarter

1 Cup mayo
4 Tablespoons chopped dill pickles
2 Tablespoons canned chipotle chilies
Combine all ingredients, chill and serve

Buttermilk Ranch

1/2 Cup buttermilk
1/2 Cup yogurt
4 Tablespoons mayo
1 Teaspoon brown mustard
1/2 Teaspoon garlic salt
Pinch of salt and pepper
Combine all ingredients, chill and serve

Lemon Zest Cocktail Sauce

1/2 Cup ketchup
1 Teaspoon dill
1 Tablespoon fresh lemon zest
2 Teaspoons fresh lemon juice
1 Teaspoon horseradish
Pinch of salt and pepper
Combine all ingredients, chill and serve

Spicy Cheese Sauce

12 Ounces Velveeta
2 Tablespoons milk
2 Tablespoons fresh jalapeños
Pinch of salt and pepper
Heat and combine all ingredients, serve warm

Beer Mustard

1 Cup mayo
1/2 Cup brown mustard
1/2 Cup beer
Pinch of salt and pepper
Combine all ingredients, chill and serve

Roasted Garlic Sour Cream Sauce

1# Sour cream
3 Cloves of roasted garlic
1/4 Cup dried chopped chives
Pinch of white pepper
Combine all ingredients, chill and serve

Creamy Hollandaise Sauce

Use your favorite recipe or look one up online!

Salsa Sour Cream

2 Cups sour cream
1 Cup favorite salsa

1,000 Island Dressing

Buy your favorite!

Horsey Sauce

Zesty Ranch

Herb & Garlic Ranch

Blue Cheese Dressing

Raspberry Inferno Sauce

French Dressing

Roasted Red Pepper Ranch

Chablis Infused Ranch

Cranberry Citrus Glaze

Peach BBQ

Bacon Peppercorn

Sundried Tomato Ranch

Vidalia Onion Creamy Ranch

Sweet Pickle Tarter

Wasabi Tarter

Raspberry Tarter

Bistro Sauce

Tiger Sauce

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