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Walleyes DO have Fingers!!

Walleyes DO have Fingers!!

Have you ever had an “Aha-Moment?” It’s that mysterious time in ones’ life when out of the blue something just clicks in your mind and you find yourself saying Aha! My Dad and I used to go fishing together in Canada. “Big Al” has a certain fishing swagger to him. He’s the Arnold Schwarzenegger of fishermen.

Like the time, we were fishing together on this rock bar right before dark and the mosquitoes were coming in so thick, and buzzing so loud, you’d swear they were singing Kumbaya in 3-part harmony. I was getting bites and missing every one of those pesky walleyes. It’s like they had fingers leaving me a jig without a minnow. All the while, Big Al is smiling in the front of the boat, singing the tenor part with the skeeters. I’m so chewed up and ready to go home, he steps in and says “let me show you how it’s done”. And he does and he does big!

My Aha moment came a few years back when I remembered those Walleyes raising all kinds of havoc for me that fateful night. But you see, Riverside Foods breads and batters real Walleye Fingers. That’s Sweet Redemption! And those Canadian Walleyes have some pretty meaty fingers.

Favorite childhood memory? Fishing with Dad.

Until next time,
Musky Mike