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The NRA Show was AWESOME

The NRA Show was AWESOME

The National Restaurant Show; The Grandaddy of them all; The Mother load of all Mother loads; A Feeding Frenzy Beyond Belief. For this writer, it was a learning experience.
And here is my top 10 list of observations from exhibiting our Tomato Basil Fresh Mozzarella at the show:

  1. Do wear really comfortable shoes, not clunkers from the almost FREE shelf at Walmart.
  2. When you have the show all planned out, plan again.
  3. Have your A-list of really good pick up lines ready as there are beautiful people around every corner.
  4. Grilled Fresh Mozzarella anyone? Anyone?! TRY EVERYONE?!
  5. Make sure you have plenty of mouthwash and bottled water so you can talk more ears off than Mike Tyson could ever chew.
  6. If you’re from West Undershirt, WI, don’t admit it.
  7. Realize that there are weasels at every show disguised as business people who are still looking for FREE stuff.
  8. Remember, all exhibitors were created equal. They will try to pull a Mike Tyson at your booth just to get a taste of your cheese.
  9. I was told our Fresh Mozzarella breaded with Tomato Basil was the talk of the NRA show!
  10. We went, we learned and we will return again with even more cheese next year!

So, how about that? We had Tomato Basil breaded fresh Mozzarella that was grilled and served with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a Balsamic glaze from Roland Foods that could very well knock your socks off! People were loving it. So, how about you? Call me sometime and we’ll talk.

Until Next Time,

Musky Mike

Riverside Foods made a great showing with Marc, Megan and Musky Mike. Thanks for a great learning experience and look forward to seeing you all again soon.