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The Fall Season is here.

The Fall Season is here.

I love the autumn season. Come on, let’s face it; in Wisconsin there is just so much to look forward to. Gone are the hot, muggy dog days of July, August and early September replaced with cool nights and crisp, arid days. Turn off the air conditioners and central air and let the autumn breezes be your regulator. Family apple picking, walks in the park, leaves turning from green to crimson, auburn, maize, orange and finally falling from the trees. Some hunt, some, like Musky Mike fish…but that’s a whole ‘nother book.

With autumn comes the bonus of the season… football. Whether you bleed Packers green and gold or Badgers cardinal and white or even root for your home town high school team, there’s a team to follow every weekend from August to January. Barry Alvarez, Montee Ball, Mike McCarthy, Mike Holmgren, Brett Favre, Donald Driver are just a few of the names we have come to know in recent history surrounding Wisconsin football greatness at the college and pro levels. It’s football season known in our business as CONCESSION SEASON.

And concessions mean snacks. Frozen snacks mean SQUEAKY FRESH LIGHTLY BREADED WHITE CHEDDAR CHEESE CURDS made by Riverside Foods Inc., family owned and operated since 1961 in Two Rivers WI, USA. That was a mouthful; literally. So football games or concessions, people of every gender, race and opinion can rub elbow to elbow rooting, high fiving, applauding, jumping and shouting. It’s really what we are here for is to live side by side, to do our best and to work as Americans on the same team. USA, USA, USA!!

Until next time,

Musky Mike