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Super Samplers Save the Day

Super Samplers Save the Day

I have so much to say and sometimes so little time to say it. Like the blog for instance. A blog, in my book should be like a never ending soap opera. In this case, the readers are the viewers. And every time the episode ends, you would find yourself hanging on for dear life at the thought of having to wait a grueling 24 hours to find out….find out what? Well, of course what is going to happen next. So, the Blog. It should be well written, interesting topics and yet entertaining. I wish I could bundle my thoughts that come to me when I am driving. Driving is so cool. It really relaxes my mind as long as people are not crossing the center line or driving like maniacs.

Well, finally the meat of the subject. Combos. Combos by definition, are those painful, costly, employee-wasting, multiple fryer basket, time consuming baskets that when put on the menu seem harmless enough, but when an order comes in for them, all the bets are off as to who gets a wallop up side the head for putting those moronic “combos” on the menu.

Super Samplers to the rescue!!!! Super Samplers are pre- portioned, pre-costed, one-fryer-basket residing, one-cook-time, unconsumed, PROFITABLE all-in-one combo baskets. We invented Super Samplers with one-of-a-kind equipment to serve our awesome customers. Super Samplers are made by another company we own called Shareholders LLC. If you haven’t tried them yet, you should. “One order, One Basket, One Fry time”

So, while taking that lazy Sunday drive and you encounter some knucklehead weaving all over the road, drop in to one of our fine eating establishments, kick back, laugh a little, slug down a cool refreshment and get yourself one of those Super Samplers and save the day!

Until Next Time,

Musky Mike