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My Modifier is Cheese

My Modifier is Cheese

Don’t you love going to weddings? Yeh, me too. So, what’s your favorite part? I’ll bet it’s watching the bride walk down the aisle to be given away by her Father. Me? Watching the groom is Gouda for me. There is just something about it that is so good. I love watching the look on his face, blubbering like a 1 year old without supper . This past weekend, I went to a friend’s wedding. He got married to the Creme de’ la Cremes of super nice gals. Throw out your Velveeta smoothness today! When the heat was on, “His Creaminess”  crumbled like an Award winning Flora Nelle Blue Cheese. Later on at the reception, his chedda became a little more sharp.

We have a relationship with the folks at the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. Their whole being is to sell as many Wisconsin dairy products as possible to whoever appreciates quality livestock. Laughing Cow, you bet. Mild Cheddar, all right.  Bleu Cheese, White, Yellow, Fontina, Cream, Swiss, Colby, Monterey Jack Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese and White Cheddar Cheese Curds, What more could anyone ask for? At Riverside Foods, we eat and breath cheese. We bread it, we batter it with Leinenkugel’s Original Beer and let’s face it people love it….this is Wisconsin Baby Bel!!

Until next time,

Musky Mike