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It’s All About the Bacon Baby!

It’s All About the Bacon Baby!

Let’s just be real and tell you the subject of today’s blog is: BACON!

I never knew there were so many bacon-fanatics out there. Porcine feasts, Pork-out, Pig-out, Porkers, Sow bellies, to name a few of what one hears regarding that salty, smoky, strip of a pig’s belly that is so delectable and consuming.

Here are a few more samplings: Bacon Milk Shakes, Bacon Sundaes by another fast-food chain who jumped on the “bacon-wagon”, a website just for our sliced smoked pork belly consumers…www.ilovebacon.com, bacon lovers twitter account, a Facebook page just for bacon enthusiasts, The Royal Bacon Society, a bacon flavored coffin so you can be buried in bacon, baconnaise, bacon flavored toothpicks, bacon scented personal lubricant, bacon flavored dental floss, bacon flavored jelly beans and still one more giant of a bacon dish, the bacon explosion, a pork dish that consists of bacon wrapped around a filling of spiced sausage and crumbled bacon.

The press is even calling this “Bacon Explosion” a phenomenon! In fact bacon is such a consuming habit, get it? Consuming bacon, that even Sizzlean couldn’t make a complete go of it and went out of business. So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that breading a strip of bacon and deep frying it would be a hit! That’s just what we did at Riverside Foods. We came out with breaded bacon. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is true and I won’t have to tell you to eat it because you wont be able to help yourself. They are selling it at very Milwaukee Brewer’s game and you should ask for it by name wherever you consume beverages or snacks…Riverside Foods’ breaded bacon. Because even if you don’t like bacon, well, you know the answer to that….You’re wrong.

Until next time,

Musky Mike