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I stand corrected.

I stand corrected.

So, one of my fellow employees pointed out that I had used a description for our creamy, freshest of the fresh Tomato Basil Breaded Fresh Mozzarella that was not exactly as she pictured it. Ok, I get it. This fresh Mozzarella is NOT A SLICE! It’s more like a medallion or a puck. Although, puck, for me wasn’t too appetizing either.

The last time I ingested a hockey puck was in the fifth grade when Jimmy Buckner let me have it for smarting off about his pet rabbit. Jimmy’s mom, Shirley had bought him this really enormous rabbit that was white with an electric pink nose and lips. I went on about how “girly” his rabbit was, what with pink lips and all and before I knew it, I had a puck between my teeth. Never mind that I didn’t have time to shake a little salt and pepper on it before I ingested hard rubber. It just didn’t go down real well with me. You get the picture. Since we’ve been producing these Wisconsin Tomato Basil breaded fresh mozzarella medallions, our customers are finding so many ways to use them and consumers are loving this innovative new breaded cheese. They are so fun to work with, I think even Jimmy Buckner could learn a thing or two…or at the very least, pull out the salt and pepper shakers first.

Until next time,

Musky Mike