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Fresh is the Best at Riverside Foods

Fresh is the Best at Riverside Foods

So have you ever had a hankering for a squeaky fresh Wisconsin White cheddar cheese curd? I have… like all the time. You take the kiddo’s into the cheese factory and the workers in the white shirts and slacks have just put out today’s fresh batch of creamy white cheddar cheese curds. You take that first bite and it is that familiar warm, buttery squeak that gets you every time. Yum!!

And so we got to thinking if we could harness that impeccable creamy freshness of the youngest of Wisconsin Mozzarella cheeses and make a breaded FRESH Mozzarella that you could build an entire menu around, our fans just might jump up and cheer. So, we now we have just that; a Tomato Basil Breaded Fresh Mozzarella cheese slice that you can deep fry, pan fry or saute. It will have you craving a Tomato Basil Breaded Fresh Mozzarella hoagie, salad or steak or the ultimate of Cheeseburgers fit for a King. Check out our website for Innovative Appetizers, Legendary Seafood at www.riversidefoods.com

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Musky Mike