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Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Have you ever heard of a Leinie? Leinie? What? Sounds kind of like whiny or tiny.  Not hinting at anything mind you.  But I went to work searching for the end of the rainbow that had all of the answers. There is this place called the Leinie Lodge.  In fact, when you enter the Leinie Lodge, via the Internet, there is a fella standing in the middle who looks surprisingly like George McFly. I mean really, look at the guy. That is George McFly. George was the Nerd in the movie Back to the Future. But pounds down this bully, (much like he is getting ready to pound down the refreshing beer in his hand) and comes to the rescue of the gal only to leave with her and save the day and the life of Marty, his son to be. Whew, long sentence. Back to the Future teaches us that you can’t alter reality and expect the future to work out for you. By now, you have to be asking yourself what this has to do with Riverside Foods appetizers and beer and why the sudden love for Leinenkugel’s. Hmm, funny you ask.

Leinenkugel is a really superb company located in Chippewa Falls WI which manufactures beer. It’s the nectar of good times in most any watering hole in the great state of WI. The Leinie Lodge is where all of the cool stuff that says Leinie and Leinenkugel’s on it is sold.

And at Riverside Foods, we have the appetizer of all appetizers. Kettle Brau brand Bratwurst slices drenched in Leinenkugel’s beer batter. How can you mess with the reality of Beer and Brats in Wisconsin? It’s would be like taking peanut butter away from  jelly. It was like #4 wearing purple….it just didn’t work. So, don’t mess with reality. And next time you get a hankerin’ for a really great appetizer, get yourself an order of Kettle Brau Brat slices.

Until Next Time,

Musky Mike