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Trivers’ Half Naked Jalapeno Hotties…COMING SOON!

Trivers’ Half Naked Hotties! Coming your way soon! Wisconsin’s finest natural white cheddar cheese curds dusted in a light jalapeno breading with the perfect amount of heat. Try to keep your hand’s off these HOTTIES! Jalapeno Hotties

Lake Fish Forecast September 2014

Latest thoughts on where the lake fish are trending. Lake Fish Forecast 09-24-14

Riverside Rewards Coupon

Riverside Rewards final   Check out our new Riverside Rewards Coupon! Save money on some awesome products!

NEW! Trivers’ Warm & Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies

Trivers’® Warm & Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies taste like a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven. The bite size snack is bursting with chocolate chip cookie dough and dipped in a light funnel cake batter. Cookie Sheet  

Lake Fish Forecast 12-24-2013

We are hoping all had a good holiday season. We are well into winter but the days are getting longer. Weather will be one of the biggest factors for the months to follow. Lake Fish Forecast 12-24-13

NEW Caprese Style Mozzarella with Tomato Basil

Caprese Style Mozzarella with Tomato Basil – Creamy and rich mozzarella cheese breaded in Italian crumbs bursting with sweet basil and tomato flavor! Caprese Style Mozzarella

Premium Dill Pickle Slices

Premium Dill Pickle Slices – 1/2″ thick & crisp fresh brined garden pickle dusted with bits of sweet basil and hints of garlic! Premium Dill Pickle Slices

Trivers’ Half Naked Cheese Curds

Trivers’ Half Naked Cheese Curds—the sexiest thing to ever happen to cheese! These hot little gems are just the right amount of wrong…coating that is! Half Naked Cheese Curds start with squeaky fresh premium yellow or white cheese curds that are barely dusted to unimaginable perfection. HalfNaked final

Lake Fish Forecast

Lake Fish Forecast 01-17-13 Our Team at Riverside Foods is wishing you had a great Holiday! The days are getting longer and lent is coming up. Attached are some of my market findings.

Cows have Feelings Too.

When we were kids, things were a lot different. I used to hear that same thing from my Dad ALL-THE-TIME. In fact, my Dad used to say “when I was a kid I used to walk 5 miles to school every day”. He must have been one skinny runt to be able to walk 10…
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Current Rebates & Coupons

We appreciate your business so much that we want to reward you by serving up a Variety of Savings with these coupons. Riverside Rewards final 2 Case Rebate Coupon (476 KB PDF)

The Fall Season is here.

I love the autumn season. Come on, let’s face it; in Wisconsin there is just so much to look forward to. Gone are the hot, muggy dog days of July, August and early September replaced with cool nights and crisp, arid days. Turn off the air conditioners and central air and let the autumn breezes…
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My Modifier is Cheese

Don’t you love going to weddings? Yeh, me too. So, what’s your favorite part? I’ll bet it’s watching the bride walk down the aisle to be given away by her Father. Me? Watching the groom is Gouda for me. There is just something about it that is so good. I love watching the look on his face,…
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What’s a Curd?

What’s a Curd? I get asked this all the time when I travel from state to state from folks of all genders and opinions. And I have to laugh when they compare the Curd to the Kurd. Once when selling in the great state of Arkansas, I encountered a whole slew of folks who had…
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Back to the Future

Have you ever heard of a Leinie? Leinie? What? Sounds kind of like whiny or tiny.  Not hinting at anything mind you.  But I went to work searching for the end of the rainbow that had all of the answers. There is this place called the Leinie Lodge.  In fact, when you enter the Leinie…
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The NRA Show was AWESOME

The National Restaurant Show; The Grandaddy of them all; The Mother load of all Mother loads; A Feeding Frenzy Beyond Belief. For this writer, it was a learning experience. And here is my top 10 list of observations from exhibiting our Tomato Basil Fresh Mozzarella at the show: Do wear really comfortable shoes, not clunkers from the almost FREE shelf…
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Super Samplers Save the Day

I have so much to say and sometimes so little time to say it. Like the blog for instance. A blog, in my book should be like a never ending soap opera. In this case, the readers are the viewers. And every time the episode ends, you would find yourself hanging on for dear life…
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It’s All About the Bacon Baby!

Let’s just be real and tell you the subject of today’s blog is: BACON! I never knew there were so many bacon-fanatics out there. Porcine feasts, Pork-out, Pig-out, Porkers, Sow bellies, to name a few of what one hears regarding that salty, smoky, strip of a pig’s belly that is so delectable and consuming. Here…
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It’s Foodshow Season

It’s Foodshow Season could be taken differently if you’re not careful. Foodshows can be small or large, yet so innocent. Foodshow season is not an open opportunity for us to unleash the Uzi and “gun down” unsuspecting innocent foodshows. We do not don forest camouflage doused in Scent eliminators in hopes of sneaking up on…
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Walleyes DO have Fingers!!

Have you ever had an “Aha-Moment?” It’s that mysterious time in ones’ life when out of the blue something just clicks in your mind and you find yourself saying Aha! My Dad and I used to go fishing together in Canada. “Big Al” has a certain fishing swagger to him. He’s the Arnold Schwarzenegger of…
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