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We produce battered and breaded cheese curds and appetizers at our production facility in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. We are owned by Lakeside Foods, a premier supplier of high quality frozen and canned foods based in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Lakeside Foods operates 14 production facilities, producing canned and frozen vegetables, canned meat, smoked sausage and hot dogs, canned dry beans, frozen desserts, appetizers and canned pet food, which is distributed in 14 countries. Our mission is to provide food products with exceptional quality and exceptional service to customers in all market segments, while delivering delicious food to consumers at every meal.

Above and Beyond Safety Qualifications

BRC Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) – Grade AA (2016, 2017, 2018)   
FDA Registered and Licensed as Food Processing Facility and Warehouse   
USDA Inspected Manufacturer   
WI DATCP Licensed and Inspected Food Processing Facilities
Military Audited   
** Prepared to complete finished product microbiological testing upon request


Riverside Foods Inc. was founded in 1961 as a family-owned company in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

Riverside Foods roots started with Julius Yauger. Julius, an Algoma native, worked for commercial fishermen in Algoma during the depression after graduation. Later he and his brother fished on their own using a row boat and selling their catch door-to-door. This business continued to grow. In 1951 Julius and his brother purchased a building in Two Rivers and created a processing plant. Riverside Sea Foods started as a sea food distributor in 1954. It was incorporated in 1961. Expansions to the plant happened in 1967 and 1973 as the business expanded.

In 1973 Julius began experimenting with french frying cheese curds, and the Original Cheese Nugget was born! Once the product was perfected they delivered a 4 pound box to a local drive-in in Manitowoc. Within an hour the restaurant asked for three or four more boxes. The Cheese Nugget distribution took off from there. The cheese nuggets were initially distributed to local taverns and restaurants, with further distribution consistently building. In 1978 Riverside Sea Foods acquired a warehouse across the street and made their own subdivision Riverside Foods, as it is known to this day. Riverside Foods innovation has added a variety of battered and breaded products to the business throughout the years, and continue to provide exceptional products and service.

In 2018, we were acquired by Lakeside Foods, a premier supplier of high quality frozen and canned foods based in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Lakeside Foods has made significant investments in growing the Riverside product portfolio, including a multi-million-dollar expansion of our production facility in 2020 to build a second production line and add packaging automation capabilities.

We take personal pride in everything we do, from developing first-class appetizers and seafood to providing extraordinary customer service. For over 50 years our goal has been to efficiently manufacture and market the highest quality products that exceed our customers’ expectations.
Every cheese curd we sell is made from rBST-free milk produced by cows from the greenest pastures in Wisconsin, which remains America’s Dairyland. Riverside Foods has created many varieties of breaded and battered cheese curds and nuggets to satisfy your every craving and desire!

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**For more information about our Innovative Appetizers and Legendary Seafood, please contact us at 800-678-4511.