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Download Riverside Foods’ informational sell sheets.

Sell Sheets

Our Brands 

Get information about Riverside Foods, the Trivers’™ Brand, and the Kettle Brau™ Brand.

Cheese Sheet

As Wisconsin as cheese can get! Featuring all Wisconsin cheese products!

Game Day Curds

White cheddar dipped in green and gold!

Smokey Bacon Gouda Bites

Smoked Gouda cheese cubes in a cracker-meal bacon studded breading.

Cookies ‘n’ Double Creme

Double creme chocolate sandwich cookie surround by a crunchy cornflake breading.

Ovenable Appetizers

Great appetizers oven ready!

Festival Style Buttermilk Battered Cheese Curds

Wisconsin white cheddar cheese curds with a light buttermilk batter and a hint of garlic.

Jalapeño Hotties Cheese Curds

Live your life with a little “Spice”! Trivers’™ Half Naked™ Hotties are made with Wisconsin’s finest natural white cheddar cheese curds and dusted in a light jalapeño breading with the perfect amount of heat.

Trivers’™ Half Naked™ Cheese Curds

You won’t be able to keep your hand off of  Trivers’™ Half Naked™ cheese curds! They start with squeaky fresh premium white or yellow cheese curds and are barely dusted to unimaginable perfection.


Creamy and rich mozzarella cheese breaded in Italian crumbs bursting with sweet basil and tomato flavor.


Don’t forget about the vegetables!


You’ll love these enticing bites!

Saz’s Signature Hand Wrapped Rolls

Uniquely delicious hand wrapped rolls. Jalapeno Rolls, Beer Battered Pepper Jack Rolls, and two sizes of Mozzarella Rolls.

Premium Pickle Slices

1/2″ thick and crisp fresh brined garden pickles dusted with bits of sweet basil and hints of garlic.

Warm & Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie

Fresh bites that taste like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie hot out of the oven. This bite size snack is bursting with chocolate chip cookie dough and is dipped in a light funnel cake batter.

Kettle Brau

Pairs the distinctive taste of Leinenkugel’s® handcrafted beer and Riverside’s legendary coatings to create magnificent flavor combinations!

Riverside Seafood

Serve our pike fillets, shrimp or perch for the main course or add walleye fingers or scallops to one of your specials.